How to Earn Deepsight Harmonizer Currency in Season 21 of Destiny 2

In Destiny 2 Season 21, known as Season of the Deep, a new currency called Deepsight Harmonizer has been introduced to streamline and simplify the game’s currency system. This guide provides detailed information on how players can earn Deepsight Harmonizer and outlines its uses within the game.

How to Earn New Currency Harmonizer in Season 21 of Destiny 2

How to Earn New Harmonizer Currency in Season 21 of Destiny 2

Section 1: Earning Deepsight Harmonizer

To acquire Deepsight Harmonizer, players must follow these steps:

Battle Pass/Season Pass: The only known method of earning Deepsight Harmonizer is through the Season Pass. By progressing through the levels of the Season Pass, players will receive Harmonizer currency as reward.

Level Up Rewards: As players unlock new levels in the Season Pass, they will be rewarded with Deepsight Harmonizer. The number of Harmonizers received per level may vary.

Free Path and Upgraded Season Pass: Players on the free path of the Season Pass can obtain three Harmonizers, while those who have upgraded to the premium Season Pass can acquire an additional three Harmonizers.

Future Updates: Although the Season Pass is the current source of Deepsight Harmonizer, it is possible that Bungie, the game’s developer, may introduce alternative methods for earning this currency in future updates. Players should stay tuned for any official announcements or changes.

Section 2: Uses of Deepsight Harmonizer

Once players have obtained Deepsight Harmonizer, they can utilize it for the following purposes:

Unlocking Raids: Players can use Deepsight Harmonizer to unlock access to raids within the game. The Harmonizer serves as a requirement to participate in these challenging activities.

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Activating Non-Raid Weapons: In addition to unlocking raids, players can also employ a Deepsight Harmonizer to activate non-raid weapons. This currency enables players to access and use specific weapons within the game.

Raid Weapon Upgrades: To upgrade raid weapons, players will need to expend one Deepsight Harmonizer along with 15 Spoils of Conquest. This combination of resources allows players to enhance the power and capabilities of their raid weapons.

Currency Limit: It is important to note that players can only store a maximum of one Deepsight Harmonizer at a time. To utilize another Harmonizer, the existing one must be spent or used first.

Weapon Activation Restrictions: Not all Deepsight weapons can be upgraded using the Harmonizer currency. Only weapons purchased from Xur, an exotic vendor, and the Gunsmith will support the activation with Deepsight Harmonizer.


Earning Deepsight Harmonizer in Season 21 of Destiny 2 is primarily achieved through the Season Pass, with rewards provided upon leveling up. The currency is used to unlock raids, activate non-raid weapons, and upgrade raid weapons.

Players should watch for future updates that may introduce additional methods of earning Deepsight Harmonizer. For more guides and news on Destiny 2 and other games, visit our website.


This guide provides information based on the game’s current state as of the time of writing. It is subject to change as updates and patches are released by the game’s developer.

Last Updated on May 25, 2023

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