Stray: How To Get Red, Purple, And Yellow Plants In Antvillage

The immersive and interesting puzzle-solving gameplay of Stray with wits and ideas is proving to be a big hit. The game takes you on the journey of a Cat in a foreign city as they aim to make it outside.

You will be assisted by a drone friend in B-12. There are several locations you have to pass through, with Antvillage being one of the most unique ones. Players can complete some quests here for badges and trophies.

The Plant Badge can be gotten through hunting down yellow, red, and purple plants for a robot called Malo. In that regard, the following guide will help players in searching for the various plants in the location. 

Stray - Plant Badge

Stray: Where to get Red Plant

Antvillage also gives players the option to win the “Cat-a-strophe” trophy. The way to accomplish this is by breaking up a game of mahjong that two villagers are playing in Stray.

The location of the red plant is around this area itself as players will see a yellow bucket. That will bring you down to the ground level, where you have to cross the barrels in order to get to an island that has two robots.

They are searching for scrap, and there is a wooden box to their right. Simply get on the box, and you will be able to see the red plant. Grab it now like you do normally.  

Stray - Red Plant

Stray: Where to get Purple Plant

For this one, you will have to seek out Alexander the robot who is wearing red. Alexander can be found near a ladder on the below level of Zbaltazar.

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Once you peek through the cylindrical object, players will notice a tree having purple plants. You can go out to perch yourself on a branch grabbing the purple plant. This will not be very hard once you have figured out Alexander’s location in the game. 

Stray: Where to find Yellow Plant

The yellow plant is right nearby where players will first Malo. There is a yellow bucket present by the cans of paint which will take you to the lower level.

There’s a pipe here that goes in the opposite direction of the bar. Here you will come across the yellow plant growing by the side of the object, and simply pick it up as usual. 

Once players have all the three plants, return to Malo. Upon receiving them, Malo will reward you with the Plant Badge. 

Thus, that is all players need to know about the collection of plants in Antvillage. It can seem tedious, all of this for a badge, but these quests will only better the overall game experience in Stray. 

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

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